Enter our ‘TradingClue’ competition to win a truly amazing prize.

Are you sitting comfortably? We know how important it can be to get your mind and body in the zone for trading. That’s why we’re giving away an incredible trading setup for one lucky winner of our #TradingClue challenge.

This fantastic prize includes:

  • A stunning Dell XPS 15 laptop
  • An amazing 49” curved Samsung monitor
  • A luxury Secretlab OMEGA trading chair
  • 5 years’ free Premium TradingView access
  • And of course a TradingView Mug



So, how do you get your hands on it?

It’s simple. It’s like a treasure hunt. But with gadgets. Yep, we’re excited to see how this works out too. To enter the prize draw, all you have to do is solve our series of clues — we’ll announce the first one on the TradingView account, plus our social channels, on May 25. Make sure you check our posts! Read the latest news on forex market updates.

When you have solved all the clues you can submit your answer. BUT BEWARE: it’s not as simple as it might seem. You’ll have to use your brain, follow the trail, and think outside the box. A bit like trading.

The final winner will be drawn at random from the pool of correct answers, so follow us on TwitterInstagramFacebook and TikTok to find out the winner!

UPDATE: the contest is over, and here’s the winner.

Full T&Cs can be found here.

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