Break out the champagne, we’re introducing Timelines, a completely new way to track company history within a pricing chart.

Starting with Tesla, our fearless editorial team is mapping the entire history of our most popular public companies to their share price charts – allowing you to see in real time what sends the stock soaring, what makes it sink like a stone, and what all the fuss is about in between. Filled with fun facts, cool stories and featured insights, these timelines not only give you the data you need, they give you a window into the company itself: its character, themes, goals and dreams. All the latest crypto news worldwide At Wall Street Invests.

Scroll, flick, click and read, it’s super simple to understand what’s happened in a given month, year or even decade. No more trawling through multiple articles or reading Wikipedia, trying to piece together what actually happened – we think this is a much easier way of doing your due diligence (not to mention way more fun).

We’re planning to roll out Timelines for major public companies over the next year. Of course, we’re always looking to see where we can add to the project, so Timelines become even easier to digest and sort.

Naturally there are 1000s of companies to get through – and we want your help. We want to know what you think is important to include, and what you find the most useful: so we’re asking anyone who’s interested in joining our community editing project to send a message to the main TradingView account on TradingView and get involved.

As ever, we make this stuff for you and for you only. So please don’t be shy in letting us know what you think and what we can improve on. And if you really, really like this project, please consider sharing it with your circle on social. Real-time world indices live update on our Wall Street Invests.

Team TradingView

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