We’ve updated the Long and Short Position tools to make it easier to view profit, loss, and entry points. You now have the choice to show your position at all times or only when hovering over it. At the request of several TradingView users, we’re excited to reveal this new change as it will also allow you to share your exact positioning with everyone. 

To get started, open the Long or Short Position tool and add it to the chart you have open. Next, change the display settings on your position tool, which you can find in the Display section:

When you check the box that says Always show stats the long or short values on your chart ​​will be displayed at all times including when you screenshot or publish your idea to the TradingView community. If the box is unchecked, the setting will be disabled and the values ​​will only be shown when you hover over the tool:

We’re always working to build for traders and investors. If you have any feature requests, please let us know and our team will consider building it.

Thanks for being a member of TradingView.

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