World markets have witnessed an exciting week on the trading front. As many diverse factors affect the push and pull of the latest stock market news today, keeping an eye on the latest developments in a global context is imperative to ensure that one makes sound investment decisions in such volatile financial markets.

This article will cover some significant developments that have unfolded over the last couple of weeks, which are anticipated to have both short- and long-term impacts on our global trading markets. 

Find below a comprehensive list of trends to aid your buy-in and buy-out decisions for the forthcoming weeks:


The European share market witnessed a mixed closure on Thursday as stocks absorbed the Latest Stock Market News Today on US consumer prices and the European Central Bank’s monetary policy decisions.

Stoxx 600, the exchange that covers almost the entirety of Europe, closed marginally higher, but some significant stocks continue to struggle to find traction.


The entire global market felt the shock of the US consumer price data recently revealed by the US labor department. According to their most recent report, the consumer price index has risen 5% over the previous year. 

This high degree of inflation has been caused by an unforeseen surge in demand as the US economy rallies during the COVID-19 recovery. The Fed is already attempting to gauge how sticky this inflation is, i.e., whether it is a long-term phenomenon or a short-term anomaly induced by the US’s recovery from the pandemic.

Asia Pacific

China’s Shenzhen stock exchange saw an impressive 1% uptick as all stock markets in the Asia Pacific witnessed an anticipatory upturn based on rising investor confidence in the upcoming US CPI data. Shenzhen rose by 1.19%, while the Shanghai Composite rose 0.54%. 

The Hang Seng index witnessed a slight slip of 0.1% in the last hour of trading for the day. The Nikkei closed 0.34% above the previous day, whereas Topix maintained its average without any notable change. South Korea’s Kospi rose 0.26%, while Australia’s S&P.ASX 200 rose 0.44%.

Oil Prices

The oil futures market had an uptick on Thursday after a low spell caused by lower seasonal fuel demands. As a result, future prices for Brent crude oil rose 16 cents (0.2%) to 72.38 USD per barrel while US West Texas Intermediate futures 16 cents to 70.23 USD per barrel. 

Overall, the market seems to be doing well in the wake of a recent disappointing EIA weekly report and slack in gasoline demand.

Overall, today’s latest stock market news about the US’s CPI is a significant turning point for all global stock exchanged within the next few weeks, as in the ECB’s decision to hold off on key interest rates. 

It remains to be seen how investors react to this new information and how the Federal Reserve responds towards mitigating such high inflation levels. Moreover, every other market, including the forex market and the gold market, will be influenced by the above factors. 

Hopefully, garnering a solid understanding of the headwinds and tailwinds given above will assist all potential investors in navigating the uncertain waters of today’s financial markets.


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