We built TradingView so millions of traders and investors can freely discuss, share their love of finance and learn. Our community was built on non-profit interactions of talented traders and investors who help each other prosper.

We don’t pay authors and don’t buy content. Everything you see is genuine grassroots analysis and voluntarily contributed scripts—very often open-source. We believe that together, we can make investing and trading more effective and transparent. We are excited to present the latest world indices live update on Wall Street Invests.

Why are scripts moderated?

The Public Library contains 100,000 scripts, with more than 20,000 added every year. It is paramount to preserve and nurture the usefulness of this huge repository used daily by millions of users speaking all languages. Both newcomers and seasoned traders should be able to rely on the indicators and strategies in our Public Library. Hence we need community rules to define appropriate criteria for scripts to maximize the Library’s value. We must also protect our users from scam and spam accounts that do not share our community values, misuse open-source scripts or use the Public Library to self-promote or mislead other users.

Think of Wikipedia. How can its content be so reliable when anybody can contribute? Because editors work behind the scenes to validate all new content. Our script moderators play the same role as Wikipedia editors.

Both TradingView and script moderators spend considerable efforts to make sure the Public Library continues to play its critical role in the TradingView landscape. The continued value users find in our community depends on it. Well-documented, original and quality scripts benefit both authors, whose work gets more visibility, and users who get better tools.

Script moderation makes sense because it improves the TradingView experience for anybody who values learning and sharing in our community. We provide share market latest news today, stock exchange news, share market live chart updates on Wall Street Invests.

I never had problems publishing my scripts before, but now they are being moderated! What’s going on?

You perhaps missed the “Read Before Publishing” message that pops up every time you publish or update a script. All published scripts must respect the Publishing Scripts requirements of our House Rules, which you agreed to abide by when you created your TradingView account.

While the rules have recently been updated, they were always there but weren’t enforced as thoroughly.

My script was moderated. What can I do?

First, read the message you received. It explains which rules were violated. Then read and understand the rules. Once you’ve done that you have three options:

  1. If you can make your script compliant, publish it as a new publication. Done.
  2. If you can’t make your script compliant, just continue using it privately. You may also use the private publication mode, which exempts your script from moderation.
  3. If you are unsure what to do, reply to the message you received.

Publishing your script in the Public Library is not a right; it is a privilege you can exercise if you respect the community’s rules. Your contributions are appreciated, but publishing a script should not be taken lightly.
Resolve issues with moderators, as cases brought to support must make it back to moderators, which will only lengthen the time to get your script published.

How can I prevent my scripts from being moderated?

Read the House Rules, more specifically the Script Publishing rules.
Read our Tips For Authors.
If you are a vendor selling access to invite-only scripts, read our Vendor Requirements.

Who are the script moderators?

Our script moderators are Pine coders active in the community. They volunteer their time to ensure the integrity and quality of the Public Library.

They work from the PineCoders moderator account, which is also used to answer questions in the Pine Script chat. While they do not have time to help Pine coders one on one with their programming challenges, they will gladly help authors make their publications compliant.

PineCoders publishes educational scripts and content to help Pine programmers. They also collaborate with the Pine team to drive the future of the language and help design, prioritize, and test new Pine features for the benefit of the whole community. They are there to help!

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