Meet our new Pine Wizards nominees. These programmers join the ranks of those who have contributed the most to our community, whom we enshrine in our Hall of Fame for Pine coders: our Pine Wizards.

Wizards help in many ways to make TradingView a better place for TradingViewers from all over the world. They code great tools for traders and often publish open-source, which makes their tools verifiable, adaptable, and provides budding Pine programmers with examples of the best Pine code to learn from. Who knows, you might also be a Pine Wizard in the making!

They are also outstanding community members, and if that isn’t enough, many of them also contribute their time to help improve TradingView and Pine, and help other coders. Get live updates to latest global market indices and major stock market indices in our Wall Street Invests.

This year’s Pine Wizards nominees showcase the ever-growing diversity of original indicators that generous programmers give to TradingViewers for free. In the name of all TradingViewers: thank you guys!


His “Trendlines” script is a legend in the Public Library, but Duyck has a myriad of other, clever indicators. Any script publication with “JD” in the title is generally a winner, so it’s no wonder that Duyck has become a reference for both traders and coders. He is a considerate man, a diligent coder, and among our most creative thinkers.


KivancOzbilgic is a leader of the Turkish community on TradingView and a tireless educator who provides practical indicators and strategies. His prolific production is soundly rooted in time-proven trading techniques, yet he often adds an ingenious new twist to improve them.


LonesomeTheBlue has taken TradingViewers by storm with his creative trading tools. He is a powerhouse of elegant code. When he’s not inventing something new, he’s busy putting classic trading concepts on steroids. He is a kind and helpful fella, an experienced programmer, and an inspiration to many budding coders.


midtownsk8rguy is an ace coder who publishes impeccably tweaked gems that maximize what he likes to call the “power of Pine”. He is a math acrobat who also produces great indicator visuals. A true gentleman and a powerful innovator, he is comfortable working behind the scenes, contributing to the new Pine features that make life easier for all Pine coders. Read about all updates to breaking news on cryptocurrency in our Wall Street Invests.

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