Many thanks to everyone who has already installed and used the TradingView Desktop Beta! We are especially grateful to those users who sent us their recommendations for further improvements or who reported problems. Thanks to your contributions, we’re pleased to present an update to the desktop app that includes a number of improvements and bug fixes. The latest news on forex market and analysis at Wall Street Invests. Below are the most important ones:

  • After installing this version, you no longer need to worry about updates: when a new version is released, you’ll just see it after restarting the application — the update will be clearly visible.
  • We improved performance: layouts now load faster, we reduced CPU load, and reduced memory consumption.
  • You no longer need to worry about accidentally closing the window and losing your work forever, because we’ve added a confirmation window to remind you first.
  • If you do accidentally close the window, but want to restore it, you can easily do this by pressing the keyboard shortcut (Shift+Ctrl+T for Windows and Shift+Cmd+T for macOS).
  • You can now make drag’n’drop tabs to an arbitrary position, not just to the end of the list.
  • If you work in Windows, press F11 and you will immediately go into full-screen mode.
  • Most tickers now have a logo on the tab – now they will be easier to distinguish.
  • If you need to start working with the application from scratch without reinstalling, the menu now has the ability to reset the settings.
  • We have also made lots of small improvements to the interface: because we know that convenience is important!
  • Many users who have faced a problem logging in with their Google account will now be able to use this authorization option. But, unfortunately, we must point out that the problem is still not completely resolved, and some users may face it again. We are working on a solution and it will soon be fully implemented.
  • If you previously struggled to establish a connection with a broker, please try it again — now everything should work out.
  • The toolbar is always available in the full-screen mode of the chart.
  • Finally, no more freezes on startup in macOS.

Please do install the new version (macOS or Windows*) and share your thoughts. We look closely at each and every request you make, so that we can create the best app possible to act as your trusted companion and complement your TradingView website experience.

Get all the latest global market indices and latest news on forex market updates on Wall Street Invests.

*Note: for Windows 10 Builds prior to #2004 you’ll need to enable ‘Sideload apps’ option.

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