As of today, over 10,000 hours of live video has been broadcasted on our Streams. Traders around the world use Streams to share their ideas, get instant feedback, and hang out with like-minded others. Here are a few updates you may have missed. Read more about best commodity stocks news, crypto trading news today, forex trading news updates at Wall Street Invests.

  1. Watch live streams and chart at the same time

Streaming windows can be minimized on your screen. They will also follow you around. This means you can chart and watch markets at the same time. Or you can trade with the live streamer in real-time.

  1. Live streams on the right-side toolbar

In case you missed it, we recently added live streams to the right-side toolbar. Click the Streams icon and immediately see who’s live and other past recordings.

  1. Check your video connection and mic quality before going live

The recording toolbar shows your connection quality and mic quality. This makes it possible to double check your connections to ensure you have the right settings and are streaming at the best quality.

  1. Save streams forever

As a Premium account holder, you can save your live streams forever. These videos will be stored and shown on your profile. Simply check the box that says “Save Streams forever.”

  1. More viewer controls

Viewers of live streams can donate TradingView coins to live streamers to support their work. People who donate coins send a highlighted message into the chat. Viewers can also change the playback speed of a video or the connection to improve their viewing quality.

We hope you enjoy these new features and we look forward to more live streamers joining the platform. Please write to us with any feedback or contact the team to access live streams. Examine the current stock market news today with perfect time on Wall Street Invests.

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