The covid-19 pandemic has disrupted all sectors around the world. As a result, there has been a sharp increase in the commodity market. The value of currencies around the world depends on a lot of factors. 

It changes every day, and that is why you need to be aware of Stock Market Commodities News, as this will help you understand the forex markets.

What are the different factors to look into while trading forex daily? 

The economic growth, the politics of any country is to be viewed before attempting to trade. This is so because a good government in a nation looks to increase development and the citizens’ standard of living. 

This makes forex traders have a positive investment in that country. Other factors include inflation, the nations’ debt, export and import rates, employment, etc.

Covid-19 has brought about an immense change in all commodities. You can understand the investments in a country by watching stock market commodities news. The commodity market has influenced forex trading in 2021. The reasons are to be understood now.

What is a Commodity?

The value of a currency is correlated to the commodity market in some countries. The commodity market includes crude oil, gold, and other natural resources like copper and iron ore. The value of commodities in any country influences the value of the currency. This sometimes affects the forex trading market.

Forex is the trading of different currencies. Ex; A person exchanges their native money for a foreign one. The commodity market could affect Forex trading in 2021, and you must know how this is happening. Having a solid knowledge of stock market commodities news can help you.

How the Commodity Market could affect FX in 2021

  • The increasing oil prices play a huge role in forex trading. Many countries import crude oil for different purposes. It impacts not only the importing countries’ economies but also the global economy at large. The increasing prices tend to undermine the economic growth in the country as this will reduce personal consumption. This further leads to inflation.
  • The import and export of gold can also influence the forex market. When a country automatically exports gold to other countries, there is an increase in the value of the currency. If you are trading currencies of a country that imports gold, then if there is an increase in the value of gold, the value of currency invested decreases. You must note this.
  • This is similar to almost every naturally occurring element. The importing countries face a reduction in the value of currencies when the price of such elements increases globally. Forex trading thus involves being aware of global imports and export to get a good return.


Commodities indeed play a role in the forex markets. Having a good knowledge of stock market commodities news can help you in your investments. You must always be aware of the countries exporting and the countries importing as these influences Forex trading. So plan your investments by studying the commodity market as well.

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