It’s here! The first ever TradingView Broker Awards reveals its champions — with TradeStation taking a trio of wins, including Broker of the Year. 

With a big thanks to everyone for your feedback, ratings and reviews, you can see each and every winner of our first industry awards now, on our Broker Awards page.

As always, our prime directive is to create and provide the best platform for your trading and investing needs. These awards are given to the brokers who do just that – who give the best service and have had the best tech for you over these last 12 months.

These awards aren’t just picked by us at random — you helped decide them. They’re based on your feedback and reviews over the year, combined with ‘under-the-hood’ information such as tech uptime, to give a trustworthy, transparent view of the best brokers.

If your favorite broker isn’t on the list — or if they’re not integrated yet – don’t worry, there’s always next year. Let them know so they can get in touch and hopefully be part of this great leap forward in finding the best broker for you. Explore today’s worldwide latest breaking news of stock market.

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