The year 2020 was full of mess and the year was unpredictable. There was also uncertainty in the market of cryptocurrency. But in 2020 the token prices went off the roof and many industrial news comes in. 

In 2021 blockchain and cryptocurrency will take the Centre stage as it is building institutional interest for its fast pace that is very much required for business growth. The future of the cryptocurrency industry is quite impressive. People are hoping for massive gains on investment on cryptocurrencies.

Central Bank Digital Currency: 

Many central banks are considering for use of digital currencies. Different experts from banks across the globe who sit together in the central bank group are evaluating the pros and cons of the usage of digital currencies as a source of alternative investment.

Banking leaders from Japan, Germany, Canada, US, India, UK are discussing the matter. They are using a holistic approach to evaluate the effect of the CBDC, they will check cross-border acceptance, economic impact in the transaction, and functional and technical issues. Crypto Trading News Today comes from china as china has already started to distribute cryptocurrency.

Fintech Solution Blockchain-Based:

The demand of contactless transaction have increased due to the covid 19 pandemic. Businesses are moving out of conventional transaction methods and search for contact-less fintech solutions for business. A great solution for them will be the adoption of blockchain-based technology

Blockchain-based fintech companies will have an easier process for retrieval, issuance and verification of digital certificates. By use of this digital contactless transactions can be promoted. Crypto trading news today can have an impact on the growth on fintech blockchain-based solutions.

Movement of Bitcoin: 

Bitcoin market capitalization is gaining day by day in comparison with traditional players like visa, MasterCard, PayPal, etc. Bitcoin is reaching higher value, many institutional investors are investing money that is the reason behind the upsurge. 

Paypal and square also have included bitcoin as a transacting option. When large players invest in this type of currency then it gets more appeal as a digital asset thus resulting in higher returns on investments.

Decentralized Finances (DeFi)

Decentralized finance uses bitcoin technology to eliminate the middleman when dealing in financial instruments or executing financial transactions. This finance system uses smart contact, a blockchain-based technology that helps in promoting peer-to-peer interaction between borrowers and lenders and buyers and sellers also interact in one place. 

To get a financial instrument one has to go through banking processes now the things have changed with the help of DeFi, the assets of DeFi has grown significantly. Well, a known investor like Elon Musk has played an important role to popularize DeFi as mentioned in crypto trading news today.


Ethereum is a blockchain-based digital currency that can gain the most for the manifestation of smart contracts. DeFi is also ethereum based that means when ethereum became popular DeFi also gets popularity. 

Investors of cryptocurrency should keep an eye on ethereum for many suitable reasons as an enhanced version of ethereum may come. With ethereum up-gradation, the transaction will be faster and efficient. It can beat all cryptocurrencies. With the betterment of this, it can generate more appeal to the customers.

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