The time has come and we’re finally ready to announce another huge addition for the crypto community here on TradingView. Drum roll please, welcome Currency.com!

The technical details: Currency Com Bel LLC is a highly-regulated, super cool crypto exchange operating under the legislation of the Republic of Belarus for cryptocurrencies, ICOs and smart contracts. Currency Com Limited is registered in Gibraltar and is authorised by the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission (GFSC).

Currency.com is one of the first in the world to link the worlds of cryptocurrencies and traditional financials together through thousands of tokenized exchange assets. Traders have the opportunity to invest in tokens, which prices reflect to top-traded equities, indices and commodities asset values.

Please find the Currency.com icon in the trading panel, register when you like, do your research and then — when you’re ready — start your new journey trading crypto directly from TradingView.com. Explore today’s worldwide latest stock market updates at Wall Street Invests.

Stay tuned for more, there’s a lot on the horizon.

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