Technical analysis is a method that is used to predict the future price movement of securities like stock or currency based on market data. The techniques that are applied in technical analysis is based on buying and selling options. Players in the market use this technique to get the accurate value of the stocks.

Here are few tips for technical analysis that one has to follow:

In technical analysis there are two types of approach one is the top-down approach and another is a bottom-up approach. The top-down approach is mainly used by short-term traders and the bottom-up approach is taken by long-term investors.

Bottom-Up Approach: 

Here the investor focuses on individual stocks. Fundamentally strong stocks are analyzed and the entry, exit point of stock is guessed. An investor can find an undervalued company and use a specific entry point to enter the stock when it shows the signal of reversing. They value their decision and hold stocks for long-term view.

Top-Down Approach: 

In the top-down approach macroeconomic, sector-wise analysis is done before focusing on a particular stock. The trader will spend time in understanding the economy, the sectors and the companies to find out the suitable stock for investment. Traders use this approach for short-term gain.

Various types of traders use different types of technical analysis. Day traders use trend lines and swing traders use chart patterns and volume patterns. Traders sometimes take the help of software to combine chart patterns and volume indicators to take a decision.

  • Get a trading account from a broker by which you can deal in securities like common stock, penny stock, futures and options. The system should have an option for tracking and monitoring of the stock, it should have technical indicators. Choose a broker who does not eat into your profits. An account with a candlestick chart pattern will be sufficient.


  • You have to develop a strategy for trading. You can use a crossover strategy where two moving averages of a company can use to determine the value of the company. If the short-term average goes above long-term average then it indicates a buy signal and if the opposite thing happens then it is the selling signal.


  • There are lots of stocks and securities some of them are highly liquid and some are very volatile. Each type of security requires a different strategy. You can use 50 days DMA, 100 days DMA, 200 Days DMA to find the price action of the company.


  • Traders need to monitor trades and check the strategy from time to time. Traders should have a margin account to get access to higher-level quotes, options.


  • The best tips for technical analysis for a trader are to use software for trading. It will definitely increase performance. An automated trading system can execute a trade on their behalf.


  • Another tip for technical analysis is to assess risk factors before the trade. Traders should gather knowledge about technical analysis.


  • They should practice demo trade before applying real capital.


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